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More than 250,000 people are affected by sepsis each year in the UK (The UK Sepsis Trust), so it is vital to keep spreading awareness. It is a serious complication of an infection and early detection and treatment is key, due to the speed it can take hold.

People most at risk are those:

  • with a weakened immune system
  • who have surgical wounds or injuries
  • who are very young or very old

However, it can happen following any viral or bacterial infection including an infected cut.

Otherwise known as septicaemia or blood poisoning, initial symptoms are flu like:

  • high temperature
  • aching
  • weak and lethargic

If a red/purple pin prick non-blanching rash appears and starts to spread over the body, that is serious alarm bells.

In fact any rash that doesn’t go away when you press on it with a glass or glasses means 999, especially if combined with a high temperature.

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