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Basic Life Support with Defibrillator First Aid Training


This very practical 4-hour course covers Basic Life Support including how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), which are now found throughout public and work places.  Heart and circulatory disease claims around 200,000 lives each year - many of which could be saved if a defibrillator was available plus people who can use one confidently.


You can either choose the accredited version which gives you a certificate valid for three years, or you can choose a non-accredited version which can be more tailored to the audience and receive a certificate of attendance.

Topics include:

  • Definition and principles of First Aid
  • Incident management
  • Unconscious casualties and the safe airway position
  • CPR
  • Defibrillation procedures
  • Choking

Depending on group size and time we may be able to include an extra topic e.g. bleeding and shock, common illnesses or minor injuries


£55 per person (£50 non-accredited) including a manual and certificate (min. 6 and max. 12 participants). Private group rate is £300 including manuals for up to 12 people, plus £8 per accredited certificate.


We can run the course at any suitably sized venue or can source a venue for you at your cost, if required.

| Choking |

Watch our short video clip on what to do to help someone who is choking.

Thank you so much Louise, the girls LOVED it! They came home brimming with advice for us and wanting to practice the recovery position on everyone. Hopefully they won’t ever need to use their new knowledge but I’m so glad they have it! And they hugely enjoyed learning it.Eliza

Louise was very energetic and engaging and the session was informative, giving key information without being overwhelming. All the explanations were very clear and it was brilliantly practical – this type of teaching sticks!Sam

Louise makes learning first aid easy and she gives you confidence in giving it a go. The course has a great format and lots of humour makes it very memorable.Lou

Louise was brilliant with our group of 6 year olds. She set just the right pace & covered so much. The children came away proud of what they had learnt and confident to try out their new skills. A really worthwhile 1.5 hours. Thank you so much!Catherine

The course was excellent and this is an integral life skill to take away and not JUST a certificate you "should have" or "need to get to qualify".  Louise delivers all the information in a clear and fun way which means staying engaged throughout the day.Will

Louise runs an amazing first aid course. I came away feeling confident that I am now able to help in any situation if it was to arise.Jasmine