The Flu


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Flu symptoms


The flu is hitting hard this winter so this poster may be incorrect if the flu has already arrived in your town?!

Anyway I’ve had my flu vaccination at our local chemist and the kids have had theirs at school so fingers crossed for our family. It’s free for young children, pregnant ladies, over 65s and people with various long term medical conditions.

The jab is only really 40-60% effective as it is based on a best guess of which strains we will be exposed to, but the media stories of hospital bed shortages and people waiting in ambulances and corridors last winter do not sound tempting.


Flu symptoms come on very quickly and can include:
– fever (temperature above 38C)
– aches
– tiredness or exhaustion
– dry, chesty cough
– sore throat
– headache
– loss of appetite
– tummy pain or diarrhoea
– nausea and being sick


Call 999 if you develop sudden chest pain, have difficulty breathing or start coughing up blood.

See your GP if symptoms don’t improve after 7 days or you’re worried, but for most people it will clear up on its own after a few days with lots of fluids, rest and paracetamol.


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