Poisonous Plants


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Poisonous Plants


Daffodils and snowdrops are starting to pop up around the place heralding the onset of spring, but did you know they are both on the list of the few plants in the UK that are poisonous?

The reaction if eaten or rubbed on the skin is unlikely to be severe, but there are a few others are more toxic and can cause severe poisoning or blistering. The RHS website has a comprehensive list.

Children are most at risk so a great phrase to teach them about any plants is ‘no picky, no licky, or you get sicky’

If anyone shows symptoms such as tummy ache, vomiting, rashes or blisters after playing outside, then take them to A&E immediately with a sample of the plant. Do NOT try to make them sick as if caustic it can burn their throat.


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