Using a Defibrillator

An Article by Worsley Training – First Aid Training in and around Wiltshire


Heart restarter / Defib / AED / Electric shock thingy – call it what you like but please be prepared to use it! Time is critical and using a defibrillator is so simple to use that you just need the confidence to get on with it.

Switch the defibrillator on, take the pads out of their wrappers and stick them onto the dry bare chest as shown (scissors, towel and razor included if needed).

The defibrillator will speak slowly and clearly to you and some also have screens showing you what to do. You cannot deliver a shock by mistake or by pressing any button, only the machine can.

They are literally lifesavers!

Therefore you can now find a defibrillator in public access places that have high footfall such as stations, supermarkets, cinemas, gyms, some offices and schools; or if rural, in old BT phone boxes and village halls. You can also buy a private one for around £1000.

We have trainer versions that you can play with until you feel confident and can update your CPR skills too at the same time.