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A hidden danger from piles of children’s toys after Christmas or birthdays is button batteries. So please do check that the battery compartments of any electrical items (including musical cards and remote controls) are fully screwed in and tape them up if you are not sure.

Button batteries can be corrosive if they get stuck and can burn a hole in the throat in just 2 hours. If you think your child may have swallowed one take them to A&E immediately for an x-ray to confirm. If it has reached the stomach it will probably pass straight through so don’t try to make them sick.

If they are older than 12 months and able to swallow, then on the way to hospital give them 2 teaspoons of standard honey every 10 minutes for up to 6 doses. Honey has been proven to delay the burns as it coats the stuck battery and buys you some time. However it does not prevent the burns, so they must still get to help as quickly as possible.

So please go and check your button batteries are safe and unreachable by small fingers right now!

This image and other top safety tips from RoSPA.


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