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A fracture is a break in a bone from a bigger impact than it can support.
A fracture is a break in a bone from a bigger impact than it can support. If the bone punctures the skin it is called an open or compound fracture, otherwise it is called a closed or simple fracture.

Fractures commonly happen because of car accidents, falls, or sports injuries, but people with low bone density or osteoporosis are more susceptible.

The main symptom is usually intense pain which gets worse when you move or touch the area.
There may also be:

• an obvious sound

• swelling, redness and bruising

• difficulty weight bearing

• visible deformity

The two main risks from open fractures are infection and bleeding. So, cover the wound with a sterile dressing and apply pressure each side of the bone, which is easiest using rolled up bandages and ensure someone has called 999/112.

Any movement can cause the injury to worsen, so gently support the joints above and below the fracture using padding, or your hands if they will let you, while waiting for the paramedics. This should also ease some pain.

If they lose a significant amount of blood they can go into shock so keep an eye on their colour, pulse and breathing rate to recognise the early signs.


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