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How to recognise when someone is having a stroke
A stroke is a life-threatening condition which happens when the blood supply is cut off to part of the brain. A stroke can happen to anyone, young or old, and apparently fit and healthy, so it’s important to know the signs and act FAST if you see them:

• F – Is the casualty’s face droopy on one side. Are they struggling to smile? Maybe their eye or mouth has dropped on one side

• A – Can the casualty lift both arms above their head. If they can make sure they can hold them up in the air for a few seconds. If one drops quickly this can be a sign

• S – Is the casualties speech slurred or garbled? Can they talk at all, even if they are awake?

• T – If you see any of these symptoms, its time call 999 straight away, the quicker the casualty has medical assistance the higher the likelihood of a full recovery.

Even if the symptoms disappear, make sure they still go to the hospital for an assessment as it could be a warning.


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