Seizures in a Wheelchair

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Seizure in wheelchair

What would you do if you saw someone in a wheelchair having a major (tonic/clonic) seizure?

  • Put the brakes on
  • Let them remain seated in the chair during the seizure to minimise the chance of injury to you and them
  • If they have a seatbelt or harness on leave it fastened
  • If they don’t have a seatbelt or harness, support them gently so they don’t fall out of the chair
  • Cushion their head and support it gently. A head rest, cushion or rolled up coat can be helpful

If diagnosed with epilepsy their GP specialist should have given them a care plan including advice on what to do after the seizure has finished e.g. if it is safe to move them from the wheelchair to place into the recovery position.


As always don't:

  • Restrain their movements
  • Put anything in their mouth

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