Nose bleeds


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How to deal with nose bleeds,  First Aid Training, Wiltshire
How to deal with nose bleeds

One of the most common misconceptions on our courses is how to deal with a nose bleed. The inside of the nose is very delicate and so nose bleeds happen when it is damaged from picking, blowing or getting too dry.

You should:

  • sit them down
  • tilt the head forward
  • pinch the soft part of the nose for 10-15 minutes to allow the blood to clot, while breathing through the mouth.
    If you tilt the head backwards then the blood will go down the throat which is likely to make them vomit.

    Once it has stopped, for a few hours do not let them:

    • Blow their nose
    • Pick their nose
    • Drink any hot drinks

    Call 111 or go to A&E if:

    • the nosebleed lasts longer than 15 minutes
    • the bleeding seems excessive
    • they vomit from swallowing a large amount of blood
    • they start to feel dizzy or have difficulty breathing

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