Avoid Giant Hogweed


An Article by Worsley Training – First Aid Training in and around Wiltshire


Giant Hogweed looks like very large cow parsley with rhubarb-like leaves and causes horrendous blistering burns just from gentle contact with its sap in the sunlight.

June and July are the season for ‘Britain’s most dangerous plant’ and it thrives and spreads in a heatwave. It can grow up to 5 metres in height and the heads can be up to 2 metres. It is found throughout the UK and nearly always near water.

The burns can last for several months and the skin remains sensitive to UV light for many years. If near the eyes it can cause blindness.

If you do come into contact with it, wash with plenty of soapy water, stay out of the sun and go to A&E. The same for your dogs.

And to repeat a great phrase about any poisonous plants – ‘no picky, no licky, or you get sicky’.


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