Amputated Finger


An Article by Worsley Training – First Aid Training in and around Wiltshire


Did you know that severed fingers and broken bones are the most common gardening and DIY-related injuries that are reported in England?

If you are presented with an amputated finger, they can very often be successfully re-attached if you do the following:

  • Firstly, and most importantly, don’t panic
  • Check for responsiveness and breathing
  • Calm them down if conscious
  • Apply pressure to the bleeding stump
  • Monitor and treat for shock if present

Then once under control:

  • Place the severed part in a clean sealed plastic bag to keep it sterile
  • Wrap some material around the bag for insulation
  • Place it all on ice in a sealed container / another watertight bag or an ice pack
  • Label with casualty’s name
  • Keep the amputated part with the casualty at all times
  • Get to hospital in the quickest way possible (not necessarily an ambulance)

Most importantly:

  • DO NOT put the severed part directly on ice as it will freeze and die
  • DO NOT put the severed part directly in water without using a plastic bag

If the finger is still partially attached, gently bandage it back into place, support the wrist and call an ambulance.

If fingers are crushed and bruised, but there is no amputation, cool the area with running water and a wrapped ice pack and seek medical advice.


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